Backpacking the World

The Backpacking Husband and I set off with our backpacks from London heading east, and after spending some weeks in Asia, we headed across the Pacific to the USA and The Caribbean before crossing the Atlantic to arrive in London – and right back where we started!

I feel amazed and so fortunate that in our seven years of being travelling nomads – we have now been around the world not once – but twice!

The first time we circumnavigated the earth we took our time and it took us several years. This time around took us a little over six months. The reason for this trip was that having spent our winter months housesitting in South West France, we were looking forward to attending our son’s wedding in South Korea before heading over to the Caribbean for the summer, where the backpacking husband was volunteering on a coral reef conservation project.

But, as the wedding was to take place around the busy Easter holidays, we found flights out of Europe to be too expensive. We decided to leave France for Asia two whole weeks earlier than planned to take advantage of a cheaper airfare and to allow for a week in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia (one of our favourite places in the world) and both the time and opportunity to fly onto Cambodia (a destination that has always been on our bucket list).

Exploring temples in Cambodia

After which we would fly to South Korea for the family wedding.

The Horton Kang family wedding in Daegu South Korea

The day after the wedding we left Seoul heading for San Francisco USA with a quick stopover in Beijing China. We had a fabulous and fun few days in San Francisco – yet another big bucket list destination – exploring Alcatraz and riding the steep streets on cable cars and riding bikes over the Golden Gate Bridge before flying onto Miami and to our final destination in the Caribbean.

Riding on the famous San Francisco cable cars

Biking over the Golden Gate Bridge

We planned to spend the whole summer on Utila, which is the smallest of The Bay Islands off the coast of Honduras, except for a mid-point ‘visa run’ to Panama City which was another destination on our bucket list.

The red circled area shows the location of The Bay Islands and Utila

The Backpacking Housewife on a ‘visa run’ to Panama City

That’s three big bucket list ticks so far this year!

Our onward/return trip would comprise of taking a small plane off the island of Utila over to San Pedro Sula on the mainland of Honduras and a flight to Houston USA (for a stopover) before flying onto Fort Lauderdale Florida (where we planned to spent another couple of days) before finally crossing the Atlantic to arrive back in London once more.

Leaving the island of Utila September 2018

The Backpacking Housewife in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Have you ever been around the world or are you planning a RTW trip?

What would be your bucket list destinations along the way?

Do share your world travel plans and/or your travel hopes and dreams!

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Jonno -

What a trip and what a year so far! You’re racking up the miles aren’t you? How long are you in London for and what’s next? Up to Scotland soon?


Hi Jonno – it has been an amazing year. More fun to come as we are heading to France for housesitting again from the 1st October. Right now we are catching up with family here in northern England then heading up to Scotland at the beginning of next week.

Jonno -

Have a wonderful time in Scotland then and enjoy your new housesit in France. Busy time of year eh?


Thanks Jonno – I expect it will get busier! We are looking forward to our new French adventure and have enjoyed reading your French posts – you never know we might end up bumping into you and Jo in one of those ‘most beautiful’ French villages.

Jonno -

Ha that’d be good. Be great to meet you guys and share a coffee or a glass of something stronger.

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