On our 33rd wedding anniversary the backpacking husband and I renewed our wedding vows in a chapel in Las Vegas with Elvis as our minister. It was such a fun and fabulous and romantic day!

First, we were picked up from our hotel in a stretch limousine but when our driver called our hotel room to announce his arrival, he had to explain that he’d have to meet us at the end of the hotel driveway – because the limo was TOO LONG to make the turn at the top. I leaped up and down squealing IT’S TOO LONG TO MAKE THE TURN!

We chose the Graceland Wedding Chapel for our wedding vows renewal, as we particularly wanted Elvis Presley to conduct our service. Now, we know that he wasn’t actually the real deal – as that would have been too spooky – but our Elvis was a great impersonator and he made our wedding special as well as fun.

The photos below are taken from a video (in such a strange format that I can’t edit it for clips) showing me being escorted up the aisle by Elvis Himself and him singing to us before we repeated our wedding vows. Saying our vows to each other again after 33 years was actually a very special, tender, and incredibly romantic time for us.

Then the fun really began with the ‘Elvis Vows’.

I then had to promise not to step on my husband’s Blue Suede Shoes or treat him like a Hound Dog and to tell him that he would always be my Loving Teddy Bear. He had to promise to Love Me Tender and never leave me at Heartbreak Hotel etc – and we could hardly speak for laughing. Then we sang and danced to Viva Las Vegas and had photos taken. It was a fabulously romantic and laugh-out-loud fun and bucket-list day for us. We created some wonderfully happy memories to look back on for hopefully many more married years to come.

Viva Las Vegas baby!!

Have YOU ever got married or renewed your wedding vows in Vegas?

Do tell me about it!

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