Midlife Travel Tattoo

His And Her’s Midlife Travel Tattoos!

While in Kuala Lumpur and celebrating our wedding anniversary – we decided to get his and her half-sleeve travel tattoos – to represent our love for each other and our midlife travel lifestyle. We were thrilled with the results. I have a few tattoos already but this was my backpacking husband’s first tattoo. I’m so proud of him and we both agreed it was worth the pain!

The Backpacking Wife and Backpacking Husband travel tattoos
The result photographed raw after five hours under the needle!

The Tattoo Shop

We consulted with the very talented young artists and tattooists at The Tattoo Parlor Malaysia in the area known as Petaling Jaya, in Kuala Lumpur for our midlife travel tattoos. It took several hours of consultation and their skill and patience to fine-tune our ideas and to finally get the tattoo designs just right for us.

During this time, tattoo artists Bruce and Oren Lee were busy designing while Cheryl the owner of the shop, looked after us by bringing us coffee and food. The atmosphere in the shop was really friendly, fab, and fun.

The Backpacking Housewife Travel Tattoo
The Tattoo Parlor Malaysia in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur

We wanted our tattoos to show a compass and a map as the main theme with individual touches such as our astrology signs of Scorpio (him) and Pisces (me). We wanted palm trees to represent our love of tropical places and as we are empty-nesters the three little birds in flight represent our three boys flying the nest. I wanted a quill pen to represent my writing and my backpacking husband wanted a diver to represent his passion for scuba diving.

The Backpacking Housewife Travel Tattoos
These are our final approved designs

Then the tattooing began and after eight hours in the shop, including five long hours in the chair and under the needle, we finally had the tattoos we had wanted and which meant so much to us.

The Backpacking Housewife Travel tattoo
Tattoo artists Oren and Bruce Lee position the design templates

Each year, we like to do something special to mark our wedding anniversary. We’ve done lots of fun and crazy things and last year we celebrated by renewing our wedding vows in Las Vegas with Elvis as our minister. It was romantic crazy fun!

I wonder what we’ll do next year for our wedding anniversary?

Thank you to ace tattooists Bruce and Oren at The Tattoo Parlor Malaysia!

We love our midlife ‘his and her’ travel tattoos and we will wear them with pride.

And now that our tattoos have healed – they look even better!

small his and her midlife travel tattoo
Would You Consider Getting A Midlife Travel Tattoo?

Why Get A Midlife Travel Tattoo?

Getting a tattoo during midlife can be a meaningful and symbolic way to mark this stage of your life. Many people choose to get tattoos during midlife to commemorate personal milestones, express themselves, or embrace changes and new beginnings. Remember that the most important aspect of getting a midlife tattoo is that it holds personal significance and reflects your own journey and values. Take your time to work with a skilled tattoo artist to create a design that you will cherish and be proud of throughout your midlife and beyond. Additionally, consider the placement of your tattoo, as it can be significant in how you express your midlife journey.

Ideas And Themes For Midlife Tattoos

A midlife tattoo might include images like a butterfly
A Midlife Tattoo might include images like a butterfly...

Family and Children: A midlife tattoo can symbolize your love and dedication to your family, including your children. It could be their names, birthdates, or their favourite symbols incorporated into the design.

Life Journey: Consider a tattoo that represents your life’s journey up to this point, including the highs and lows, achievements, and challenges you’ve faced. This could be in the form of a timeline, a path, or a map.

Personal Growth: A midlife tattoo can signify personal growth and transformation. It might include images like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, a phoenix rising from the ashes, or a tree symbolizing strength and resilience.

Quotes or Mantras: If you have a personal mantra or a favourite inspirational quote that has guided you through life, you can get it tattooed as a reminder of your values and beliefs.

Spirituality: Tattoos with spiritual or religious symbols can be meaningful for individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual connection during midlife.

Nature and Serenity: Midlife often brings a desire for peace and serenity. Tattoos of nature scenes, like mountains, oceans, or serene landscapes, can capture this feeling.

Hobbies and Passions: Celebrate your hobbies and passions with a tattoo. Whether you’re a musician, artist, gardener, or sports enthusiast, your interests can be turned into meaningful tattoo designs.

Mandalas: Mandalas are intricate geometric patterns that symbolize unity and balance. They can represent finding inner harmony and balance in midlife.

Symbols of Resilience: Consider tattoos that represent resilience and strength, such as a phoenix, anchor, or lion. These symbols can remind you of your ability to overcome challenges.

Animal Totems: Many people have a deep connection with certain animals. Animal totem tattoos can symbolize qualities associated with those animals, such as wisdom, courage, or loyalty.

Name of a Loved One: If you want to honour a loved one, you can get their name or initials tattooed as a way to keep them close to your heart.

Renewal: A midlife tattoo can signify a fresh start and renewal. This could be represented by a symbol of rebirth, like a lotus flower, or a simple, clean design.

Why Get A Travel Tattoo?

Travel tattoos are a popular choice for people who love to explore the world and want to commemorate their adventures through body art. These tattoos often symbolize a person’s wanderlust, passion for travel, or specific experiences they’ve had during their journeys. Remember that tattoos are personal and should hold deep meaning for the individual getting them. If you’re considering a travel tattoo, take your time to choose a design that resonates with your own travel experiences and aspirations. Additionally, consult with a professional tattoo artist to ensure that your design is executed well and looks aesthetically pleasing.

Ideas And Themes For Travel Tattoos:

A Compass Tattoo is a symbol of guidance and direction...
A Compass Tattoo is a symbol of guidance and direction…

World Map: A world map tattoo is a classic choice for travellers. It can represent a love for global exploration and the desire to see all corners of the world. Some people choose to highlight specific countries or continents they’ve visited with different colors or symbols.

Compass: A compass tattoo is a symbol of guidance and direction. It can represent a traveler’s constant search for new destinations and experiences. It’s often associated with finding one’s true path in life.

Coordinates: Many travellers get the coordinates of their favourite or most significant travel destinations inked on their bodies. These coordinates can lead to a specific place, and they hold personal meaning for the individual.

Airplane: An airplane tattoo signifies a love for aviation and the excitement of flying to new places. It can also represent the freedom that travel brings.

Mountain Range: A mountain range tattoo can be a reminder of adventurous hikes and climbs in beautiful natural landscapes. It’s a symbol of the outdoors and exploration.

Anchor: While anchors are often associated with the sea, they can also symbolize stability and grounding after a journey. Many sailors and travellers get anchor tattoos to represent their love for both travel and the feeling of coming home.

Passport Stamps: Some people choose to get the stamps from their actual passports tattooed on their skin. This is a creative way to document the countries they’ve visited.

Inspirational Quotes: Travelers often have favourite quotes that inspire them to explore the world. These quotes can be incorporated into tattoo designs along with relevant imagery.

Wildlife and Nature: Tattoos of animals, trees, or other natural elements can be a way to remember encounters with wildlife and the beauty of nature during travel adventures.

Souvenirs and Mementos: Some people incorporate specific souvenirs or mementos from their travels into their tattoo designs. For example, a seashell from a beach vacation or a trinket from a foreign market.

Cultural Symbols: Travelers may choose to get tattoos of symbols or icons that are meaningful to the cultures they’ve encountered during their journeys.

Sun, Moon, and Stars: Celestial symbols are often associated with navigation and finding one’s way. They can also represent the beauty of the night sky in different parts of the world.

Do you have any tattoos?

Do you have his and her’s matching tattoos?

Would you consider a tattoo in midlife?

What do you think about a midlife travel tattoo?

Leave a comment in the box below. I’d love to hear from you!

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Alex Shimray -

Really Amazing Travel blog and you two looks amazing couple. Your half-sleeve travel tattoos looks beautiful.


Thank you Alex! I really appreciate your lovely comment. We do love our travel tattoos!

Rajesh -

I am really inspired from this blog. Thanks for sharing

Ramesh Kaul -

Good blog. Thanks for sharing

Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo & Piercing Studio Lutwyche -

Love has different meaning to different people. Celebrating love also becomes different too. The way you have celebrated your anniversary is totally a unique way. Getting inked that indicates your lifestyle and how much both of you really feel and support each other. It’s an inspiration dear!


Thank you Celebrity Ink Tattoo!

Unwantedtattoos -

Good One!!!!!!!!! Keep it up

Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo Bangkok -

Oh, great! Really an inspirational blog you shared. This post made my day. You guys are really too loving who got ready to do a unique tattoo on their bodies on your anniversary. The tattoo explanation that you illustrated in the blog is so nice. You guys rock!! You have shown how couples can celebrate their love through tattooing.

Celebrity Ink™ Tattoo Kata -

You guys share the excellent tattoo as well as a beautiful life experience together. You two are the real inspiration in front of the generation! The courage you have and the love for each other is something that the people should inspire from.


Thank you so much Celebrity Ink!

pappu Wani -

Really Amazing blog


Thank you Pappu – do come back soon!

Karen Jardine -

You are inspirational. I truly enjoyed the Backpacking Housewife. I seldom look into an author and, after reading the Q & A, couldn’t stop reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You and husband are rock stars! Wishing you both continued happiness, safe travels and amazing experiences.



Karen – thank you – because you just made my day with your comment. I’m thrilled you read The Backpacking Housewife and enjoyed it and ditto my posts. Working on the sequel to the book seems to be taking up all my time just now – I’m on a tight deadline – but I do hope that once The Backpacking Housewife – The Next Adventure is published (July 2019) that you will enjoy it too. I’d also LOVE it if you would consider copying your fabulous comment and posting it onto Amazon as a review for The Backpacking Housewife? Thank you so much. Love, Janice xx

Jonno -

You two are so brave. We’ve often talked about getting little ones but are such cowards worrying about it hurting too much. Five hours in the chair? Wow.


I think Trav was brave – his first tattoo – my seventh! The one that hurt the most to get inked is on the top of my foot and was done over scar tissue (see my post on mishaps while travelling) but otherwise I have to say that don’t find being tattooed that painful. Then again, I have had three children! I think you should go for getting a couple of small ones – go for it!

Jonno -

You’re a bad influence Janice H. Don’t like the sound of the one on your foot very much but you never know, a small upper arm one might be ok.


Haha – I’m happy to provide the inspiration!


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