Taiwan Travel Taichung Feng Chai Night Market

Taichung Feng Chia Night Market

Taichung City is famous for its night markets and street food.

And we just happen to love street food and will actively seek out food markets!

Feng Chia Night Market is the most famous in Taichung City and is said to be the largest night market in Taiwan.

With around 400 vendors offering their wares from 4pm until 2am every day.

Just before dark, we took the #79 public bus (using our Easy Card) from Taichung Station over to the Xitun District.

We got off at Feng Chai University stop and simply followed the crowds to the night market.


You enter the market under a neon lit sign and the atmosphere in the street is busy and colourful and vibrant.

And of course – amazingly fragrant – because the sounds and smells of food cooking was inciting and exciting.

We could hardly wait try the amazing variety of traditional Taiwanese street foods on offer.

Although, waiting is sometimes necessary as some of the most popular vendors already had long lines of people patiently waiting to buy food from them.

Which made us curious enough to join the queue in anticipation of something so good that it was worth the wait!

Feng Chia Night Market Street Foods Taichung Taiwan

At Feng Chia Night Market there are so many different types and styles of foods and drinks to buy and try.

I noticed lots of fruit smoothies and the classic Taiwanese Bubble (Bobo) Tea on offer too!

We followed our noses and often stopped to try a morsel of something because it smelled amazing or it looked delicious.

Or, to simply watch in awe, at what the stallholder chef was expertly creating.

Feng Chia Night Market Food on the Grill Taichung Taiwan


I absolutely LOVED the onion pancake (cong you bing) and while I was eating my pancake, the backpacking husband was waiting in line, for a Taiwanese style ‘hamburger’ or pork belly bun (gua bao).

He said the wait was well worth it.

Then we followed the crowds and and shuffled around eating delicious ‘QQ’ cheese bread sweet potato balls (di guaqiu) and we tried lots of different types of sweet and spicy Taiwanese sausages (xiang chang).

I think my favourite thing of all was the oyster omelette pancake (ke zi jian).

It was light and fresh and tasty with a salty sweet and spicy sauce. Absolutely delicious.


I know it’s incredibly popular all over Asia but I’m absolutely not into stinky tofu – it’s way too funky for me.

And, despite the protein benefits, we both avoided pork blood products.

Corn with red ants sprinkles and ditto any other kind of grilled insects or fried grubs.

No judgement here. Each to his own!

Feng Chia Night Market

First established in the 1960’s, the market hosts hundreds of food court stalls that line 1.5km of the streets in the same vicinity as Feng Chai University.

So, as you might imagine, the market is very popular with students looking for delicious, nutritious, and affordable eats.

But the authenticity, the bright lights and busy and vibrant atmosphere, the tempting culture of Taiwanese cuisine, also attracts the tourists, like us.

This makes Feng Chia Night Market a draw for 3,000 people a day (during non-holidays) and up to 10,000 per day during holidays. This equates to more than a bustling 10 million people every year.

Feng Chia Night Market was a delicious Highlight of Taichung City!

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Next on our Taiwan adventure – we heading further south – to the port City of Kaohsiung!

Have you tried Taiwanese Food?

Do you have a favourite food market?

Let me know in the comments!

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