Taichung Park (also known as Chungshan Park) is a historic urban park located in the heart of Taichung City, Taiwan.

It is the oldest park in Taiwan and known for its scenic beauty, cultural significance, and historical value.

The backpacking husband and I stayed for three nights in Taichung at (affiliate link) The Holiday Inn Express hotel opposite Taichung Park.

Even though Taipei Taoyuan International Airport had been our gateway to Taiwan – our 12 Day Itinerary in Taiwan would begin in the mid-point city of Taichung.

From Taichung City we planned to venture further south to the port City of Kaohsiung before taking the THSR Bullet Train all the way north back to Taipei in time for the Taiwan Lantern Festival!

After breakfast on our first morning in Taichung, we took a walk around the park.

Even though it was still early springtime, it was warm and sunny, and very pleasant.

Watch my first day in Taiwan video!

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Take a walk with me around the park

The park reflects a combination of traditional Chinese and Japanese garden design elements in its layout with a large central Sun Moon Lake, three picturesque pavilions, bridges, and walking paths.

The area covers approximately ten acres of beautiful landscaping.

Janice Horton Taichung Park Taiwan
Taichung Park Pavilion Taiwan
At Taichung Park Taiwan

Taichung Central Park offers the visitor landmark structures, lots of flowers and plants, tall bamboo plantings, ancient trees, and also blossoming cherry trees.

All creating a natural oasis and peaceful escape from the bustling city life.

A perfect place for people to gather and families to picnic and children to play.

Or perhaps to practice yoga or taiichi or to row a boat on the lake.

Taichung Park Taichung Taiwan. Janice Horton copyright.
Love in Hearts in the Park


Taichung Park Pavilion and Bridge
Taichung Park Pavilion and Bridge

Notable structures within the park are the Wisteria Pavilion and the iconic Pavilion of the Holy Mother also known as the “Chung-Shiao Pavilion.”

This two-story building is situated on an island in the middle of the pond and is connected to the mainland by a zigzag bridge.

The Yu Lu Pavilion has an interesting and lovely story connected to the Japanese imperial family and the Taiwan Railway.


Taichung Park Map
Park Map

I’m quoting this story for you from an information plaque on display in the park:

Taichung Park was established in 1903 and initially only a simple structure.

In 1908, the park was chosen by the Taiwan Governor General Office as the venue for holding the inauguration of the Taiwan Railway, where a member of the Japanese imperial family, Kotohito Shinnou honourably attended to host the opening on October 24th.

For this, the Taichung local authority thereby renovated the entire park and built the Mid-Lake Pavilion on sun-moon pond as a rest area for Kotohito Shinnou.

The pavilion has since become a famous Taichung landmark.

The turret in the park was originally built in the mansion of the Taichung financial governor Luan-Chi Wu in the 1880s.

When the mansion was demolished due to road construction in the 1980s, the Taichung City Government moved the turret to the north side of the park.

The Wangyue Pavilion was formerly located on the main northern gate of the Taichung City.

The two gun platforms on the fort of Eastern Dadun Hill were built by commander Ting-Chen Lan during the Ching Dynasty, which is how Taichung obtained its old name.

Dadun Street (literally means: street with big gun platforms).

In addition, there are a number of historical and cultural relics, amongst the ancient trees in the park.

The Park has become a place that Taichung citizens cherish as it accompanies their growth and life experiences.


The Spirited Goat Monument Taichung Park Taiwan. The Backpacking Housewife
The Spirited Goat Monument

Throughout the year, various cultural events, performances, and festivals take place within the park, attracting locals and tourists alike.

One such festival, The Taiwan Lantern Festival of 2003, took place in the park and it was celebrated as the most well-attended lantern festival to date.

This was of great interest to me because, in just a few days’ time, we were going to be in Taiwan for the Lantern Festival being held in Taipei for the first time in 23 years. This year’s festival was to celebrate The Year of The Rabbit.

But, back in 2003, it was held in Taichung in ‘Guei Wei’ or The Year of The Goat.

The huge ‘Spirited Goat and his family’ monument in the park commemorates this successful achievement for Taichung in 2003.

The Spirited Goat with his family at Taichung Park Taiwan. The Backpacking Housewife
A spirited ram, a ewe, and a suckling lamb, upon a pedestal of Yushan Mountain

The information below – from a plaque in the park – explains the story:

The 2003 Lantern Festival was held from February 15th – 23rd in Taichung City for the first time, with the main lantern being placed in People’s Square.

Then, it moved to Taichung Park in the same year Jun after being adopted by the Taichung City Government.

Figuring a spirited ram, a ewe with loving kindness, and a suckling lamb upon a pedestal shaped as Yushan Mountain.

The main lantern symbolises a family in harmony and has the Chinese connotation that the three goats will bring auspicious beginning of a New Year and a surge of good luck to the country.

Up to 6 million people visited during the exhibition period that’s the highest amount ever.

The inscription stands as a memorial to the records.

Taichung City Government June 2003.


Located in the downtown area of Taichung City, the park is easily accessible by public transportation, including buses and the Taichung MRT system.

If you are planning a trip to Taiwan and you are heading to explore the mid-point City of Taichung, I would recommend a lovely walk around this lovely city centre park.

We stayed for three nights in Taichung at (affiliate link) The Holiday Inn Express hotel opposite the park.

The Holiday Inn Express Taichung Park
The Holiday Inn Express Taichung Park

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