Mekong River Delta


The Mekong River is a fabulous and easy day trip away from the hustle and bustle of Saigon also called Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

The Mekong Delta region or Đồng Bằng Sông Mê Kông includes the city of My Tho in the province of Tien Giang in southwestern Vietnam is renowned for its floating villages and floating markets and one of the longest rivers in the world.

The Mekong River originates in Tibet and flows through many countries in Southeast Asia, including China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

In the outer delta of Vietnam, the rich agricultural land is one of the most fertile areas in Asia and is known as ‘the rice bowl’ of Vietnam.

Here the majestic river forms into ‘nine dragons’ before emptying into the South China Sea.


Our six person group tour on the Mekong River
Our six person group tour on the Mekong River Delta Adventure!

The backpacking husband and I went on a day trip to the Mekong Delta that we’d organised with (affiliate link) KLOOK from HCMC. It was a small tour with only six people including our tour guide, myself, and the backpacking husband.

It took around ninety minutes to drive (about 193 km) from HCMC in a minivan and it was a pleasant and scenic journey as each side of the road was flanked by countryside and rice fields.

Our guide was polite and fun and very knowledgeable.

Our full day trip started with an 8am pickup at our hotel and included all transport and bottled drinking water.

A Mekong  Adventure - The Backpacking Housewife

We boarded our traditional motorised cruise boat at the pier and we sailed along the wider aspects of the Mekong River.

We saw lots of other boats and admired the Delta landscape as we passed Turtle, Dragon, Phoenix, and Unicorn, islets.

MEKONG DELTA RIVER TRIP VIETNAM #vietnam #vietnamtravel #mekongdelta #travel##midlifetravel
Mekong Delta River Trip – in just a thirty second video!

Next, at the end of our motorised boat trip, we were met by a small flotilla of local women who were rowing traditional ‘Sampan’ canoes, who distributed our Vietnamese hats at we carefully climbed into the canoes

Then, with our paddles at the ready, in our canoes we made our way along the smaller canals lined with coconut palms.

It was an amazing and tranquil experience to be floating along this iconic waterway and I took lots of photos of video.

MEKONG DELTA SAMPAN CANOE TRIP #travel #vietnam #vietnamtravel #mekongdelta
Sampan Canoe Experience on the Mekong River – in less than one minute!
Mekong River
The Backpacking Housewife River Delta
Paddling a traditional Canoe On the Mekong River Delta Adventure
Paddling along on the Mekong River: The Backpacking Housewife

Lunch was both traditional and sumptuous and was provided in a local village garden covered setting.

The food was really delicious. Our companions were fun.

After lunch, we were treated to music and local songs, performed by villagers and given lots of photo opportunities!

Janice Horton - Mekong River Delta Adventure
There were lots of photo opportunities during the day!

I couldn’t help but to think that the tour was really great value.

It was certainly turning into a day to remember for all the best reasons.

In the afternoon, there was a stop at a Coconut Candy Factory and also a chance to buy and try locally grown fruits.

One of these fruits included the notoriously smelly Durian Fruit.

Have you ever tried Durian?

It’s said to taste something like a medley of garlic and bananas!

I’ve seen it for sale everywhere in Southeast Asia. In so many places the Durian is heralded as the ‘King of Fruits’.

But, until that day on the Mekong, I hadn’t yet tasted it myself.

I can’t say I was impressed by the smell or the flavour!

Durian Fruit grows in the Mekong Delta
Durian Fruit – I can’t say I was impressed!

We also stopped off Dr Fish – a Fish Spa – where fish peck at your feet!

Even the backpacking husband thought it was a hilarious and unique experience.

DR. FISH FOOT SPA #travel #footspa #vietnam #vietnamtravel #mekongdelta

Then, we stopped for a delicious cup of complimentary afternoon honey tea at a Bee Farm, where we also got a good look at the busy bees and their hives from a local busy bee handler.

Honey and Honey Tea at the Bee Farm
Mekong Delta Honey and Honey Tea at the Bee Farm

In the afternoon, we were also given the option (bikes provided) to take a cycle through the countryside and a local village.

Cycling the Mekong Delta
Cycling at the Mekong Delta

Our Mekong River Delta adventure was a fabulous experience. I would absolutely recommend it to you as a quiet respite from all the traffic and hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City and as a fabulous addition to your Southern Vietnam itinerary.

Have you ever been to Vietnam?

Is Vietnam a country that interests you?

Check out the Klook Tours I’ve listed below.

Let me know in the comment box below!


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