My Top Choice of TRAVEL GADGETS For Your Packing List

Top Choice in Midlife Travel Gadgets by The Backpacking Housewife


Travelling with travel gadgets that align with your travel style and your personal needs in midlife is incredibly important.

But with so many cool travel gadgets to choose from how do you know which are the best travel gadgets and what you really need while you’re travelling? How do you prioritise which travel gadgets are best to include in your midlife travel gadget packing list?


I’ve been travelling the world as a nomad since I sold everything to travel the world TEN YEARS AGO.

Although I started out carrying everything with me – everything except the proverbial kitchen sink – I’ve since learned to adapt to my travel lifestyle and hone my luggage to a carry-on only and my travel gadgets and travel accessories to must-have items only!

If, like me, you prefer to travel light then it’s not only space at a premium because there’s often a weight issue too as economy flights often specify a maximum size and weight for carry-on.

This makes it even harder to decide which travel gadgets will earn a place on your midlife travel packing list.

From my own extensive travel experience as a midlife traveller – this is my list of Top 10 Best Travel Gadgets to help you stay connected, organised, safe and comfortable, as well as keeping your belongings secure and simplifying tasks while travelling.

The Bite Away Insect Bite/Sting Healer Pen


Bite Away Insect Bite Healer Pen

The Bite Away Insect Bite/Sting Healer Pen – I’ve started the list with this gadget because biting flies make me feel miserable and I’m a victim when I’m travelling in tropical places. I was impressed with it because it works really well. I was on a tropical island just off the coast of Honduras and I carried this pen at all times. It takes two AA Type battery. Using this pen provided me with instant relief from insect bites and stings. Friends tried it too and then all bought their own.

digital travel luggage scale

2. Digital Travel Luggage Scale – it’s always good to know if can you fit just one more item into your cabin bag or if you need to remove stuff and wear it instead. Checking the weight of my luggage with this gadget has saved me the stress of wondering if my bag was overweight and facing unexpected baggage fees when restricted by airline cabin bag weight.

solar power charger power bank and torch for travel

3. Solar Power Charger/Torch – it’s so useful to have a solar powered charger to boost your phone while you’re travelling all day or to provide a light if you find yourself suddenly in the dark. I often travel to places where the electric supply is unreliable. Having a way to boost the charge on my mobile phone and having a torch in a power outage is a real comfort.

worldwide travel adapter

4. Worldwide Travel Adapter – a multi-type worldwide connector travel adapter means you’ll always have the right plug!

charging cables assorted travel

5. Multi-Function Charging Cable – avoid carrying a cable for every single gadget in your pack that needs a power connection because less is best when it comes to charging cables. Choose one cable for all devices!

power surge protector

6. Power Surge Protector – when it comes to important gadgets or expensive laptops, I recommend you protect your electronic items from power surges. I already mentioned unexpected power outages but also be aware that differing power supplies and power surges – when electricity is suddenly restored – can blow your unprotected electronics.

Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with Noise Cancelling feature for travel

7. Noise Cancelling Headphones – listening to your favourite music, media, or podcasts with privacy and with quality sound. Or simply isolate yourself if you just need a quiet moment.

Reusable Collapsible water bottle for travel

8. Reusable Water Bottle – with a refillable bottle there’s no need to buy one use plastic water bottles and it’s handy to have where there’s free refills. Some airports (most of those in Asia) now have free drinkable water stations and water bottle refill fountains. Even better – this one’s collapsible to save space.

Kindle EReader from Amazon

9. Kindle E-Reader – 100’s of books and easy access to what you want to read without weight! Did I ever tell you the story about my holiday suitcase being so ridiculously overweight because of all the books I’d packed that I had to pay a $200 overweight fee? It happened in Dubai. Now, I’m a Kindle convert!

Door Stop Alarm & Portable Door Lock, Non-Slip Wedge Door Stopper Alarm

10. Door Stopper Alarm/Lock –  a practical way to feel safe in your hotel room is to have an extra lock and a disturbance alarm on the door. It’s a simple solution to personal security and for peace of mind. Rest easier and get a good night’s sleep while travelling with this gadget.


Travel Gadgets are designed to make your journey more convenient and efficient. They can also provide an element of versatility and Personal Security such as RFID-blocking wallets, and anti-theft bags, to help keep your belongings safe and protect you from potential risks while traveling. A Scarf With Hidden Pockets can keep your valuables close and your hands free.

In the age of technology, staying connected is essential for many travellers. Travel SIMs for use in the country you are visiting and Portable Wi-Fi Hotspots can ensure you have the power and connectivity you need on the go.

Comfort: Travel gadgets and accessories can improve your overall comfort during long journeys. Neck Pillows and a Warm Scarf Wrap and Eye Masks can make long flights or train rides more bearable.

Exploration and Photography: Travel gadgets like Action Cameras, Portable Tripods, and Smartphone Lenses can help you capture and document your adventures more effectively. These gadgets can enhance your photography and create lasting memories.

Health and Wellness: Some travel gadgets cater to your health and wellness needs, such as Portable Water Purifiers, compact First-Aid Kits, and Fitness Trackers to keep you active during your travels.

Language Translation: Language barriers can be challenging while traveling. Translation Devices or smartphone apps can help you communicate more effectively with locals and navigate in foreign countries.

Entertainment: Travel gadgets can provide entertainment during downtime. E-Readers, Portable Gaming Consoles, and Streaming Devices can keep you entertained during long layovers or relaxation times.

While not everyone may need or prefer travel gadgets, with so many to choose from it’s an essential part of your Travel Planning to choose gadgets that align with your travel style and needs, and to consider the practical value they’ll add to your own travel plans.



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